Removing barriers and solving problems: It's what Medxcel subsidiaries do each day to equip healthcare providers to serve more patients, better, for less. A lofty goal, some might say, considering today's healthcare landscape. Yet, Medxcel delivers.

By solving problems and keeping promises, Medxcel has helped large and small customers achieve unmatched return for their health technology and facilities investments.

Our more than 1,500 customers — from large, U.S.-based health systems to small hospitals in developing nations — have come to expect a high level of value from Medxcel subsidiaries. That's data-driven and data-proven value: The kind that delivers measurable benefits, savings and efficiencies to providers and the patients they serve.

Compassion and innovation drive all we do — a reflection of our healthcare roots and values we share with our parent company, Ascension, the nation's largest nonprofit health network.


Greg Ranger

President and Chief Executive Officer, Medxcel

Barbara Burcope

Vice President of Human Resources, Chief Responsibility Officer, Medxcel

Jeff Dodson

Vice President of Information Services, Medxcel

Jim Fanelli

Chief Financial Officer, Medxcel

Kristy Kainrath

Senior Vice President of Strategy and Business Acceleration, Medxcel

Tim McGeath

Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Medxcel



Created by healthcare for healthcare in 1998, TriMedx understands that patients are the number one priority. Headquartered in Indianapolis, TriMedx started as a clinical engineering department focusing on reducing expenses, optimizing service and enhancing revenue through innovative management programs. Today, TriMedx is a recognized leader in medical equipment management.

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Axess Ultrasound

Axess Ultrasound is a leader in ultrasound service, ultrasound probe and system repair, ultrasound technician training and ultrasound parts for nearly 1,000 hospitals and health care facilities worldwide. The Axess Ultrasound service and repair team also specializes in the highly technical repair of TEE probes. Our Probe P.R.E.P.® ultrasound probe preventive maintenance program maximizes the life expectancy of ultrasound probes while reducing ultrasound probe repair expenditures. Protect your image®; it’s the foundation of success at Axess Ultrasound. Visit for your one-stop ultrasound solution.

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eProtex helps healthcare providers and their business associates keep health technology safe for patients and their ePHI, and compliant with HIPAA, Meaningful Use and FDA mandates. eProtex is the nation’s first data security and compliance firm specialized in reversing the hidden risks of connected medical devices. A Medxcel company, eProtex serves more than 100 healthcare facilities nationwide.

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TriMedx International

TriMedx International optimizes healthcare technology and delivery around the world by enabling providers to focus their energy and resources on patient care — not on broken, missing or inadequate health technology. As a result, TriMedx International clients enjoy unmatched equipment uptime, round-the-clock response and unbiased, total-cost-of-ownership equipment data while reducing manufacturer service costs and reliance.